Samuel Adams Center for Political Science

– Developing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders through Foundational Truths and Principles –

By presenting educational opportunities to students in High School through Grad-school in Citizenship, Policy, Business, Constitutionalism and Political Science.  All through the perspective of the Father of the American Revolution – Samuel Adams.  Mentoring Students in leadership development through the Caulkers Club as established by Sam Adams Sr. develops  the next generation of leaders for good governance not only in politics but in business.  The Citizens of the founding era struggled to establish good governance that brought this nation into fruition.  That struggle is ‘NOW’ to keep it going.  Become a part of the Solution for good governance!

Consider these questions as you look to participate with SACPS:

Who will be making policy in the ‘Board Room’ and in government offices?  What do they believe and why do they believe what they do?  “People are Policy.”

What are our roles in a Constitutional Republic and should we still keep one?

How will you decide what good governance is at any and all levels of government, business and community?