is the Samuel Adams Center for Political Science.


To develop and present educational opportunities to students in High School through Grad-school in Citizenship, Policy, Business, Constitutionalism and Political Science from the perspective of the Father of the American Revolution – Samuel Adams. To promote leadership development through the Caulkers Club as established by Sam Adams Sr.

The specific purpose of SACPS is:

  • Purpose one: Education of middle-school through graduate school in Founders historical principles of business and entrepreneurship through a framework of seminars, material resources, visual and audio resources as well as other instructional material;
  • Purpose two: Education in historical Fundamentals of Constitutional Republic including Federalism through development and function circa writings of Samuel Adams and peers, Federalists and Anti-federalists papers;
  • Purpose three: Develop support groups for students and parents based upon Samuel Adams historical principles utilized in the Caulkers Clubs;
  • Purpose four: Provide the framework for leadership development based on historical principles of Samuel Adams through seminars, material resources, visual and audio resources as well as other instructional material;
  • Purpose five: Research in historical Foundational policy relative to present day policy development; and
  • Purpose six: To assist students in clearly understanding Founders Intent for their First Amendment Rights.

Restoring Patriotism So As To Develop Good Policy

De Tocqueville wrote about America in 1850 “Laws cannot succeed in rekindling the ardor of an extinguished faith; but men may be interested in the fate of their country by the laws. By this influence, the vague impulse of patriotism, which never abandons the human heart, may be directed and revived: and if it be connected with the thoughts, the passions and daily habits of life, it may be consolidated into a durable and rational sentiment. Let it not be said that the time for the experiment is already past; for the old age of nations is not like the old age of men, and every fresh generation is a new people ready for the care of the legislator.”

SACPS is developing the next generations of leaders with Foundational Principles for implementing good policy in family, business, neighborhoods, local communities, state and national governance.


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