SACPS is the Outreach developed as a result of CPAC 2017.

The impetus for SACPS was gestated from being captivated and impressed with the panel session on the third day of CPAC 2017  “Facts, Not Feelings: Snowflakes, Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings” (at 14:22)

This panel session became the strong driver for decisive timing in the development of SACPS. This session as well as the large number of youth that attended the conference indicates that the youth is reachable if the proper information is made available.  They are actually desiring to seek Foundational Truth.  The need that is presented is to make historically correct and more precisely, Founder’s Intent in key areas, available.  Accessibility to Foundational Truth must  begin at middle school age, continuing up through grad-school.  As a side note to this, Sam Adams went to Harvard at age 14!  It is becoming clear that this grounding of Founders Intent and Principles is necessary as support for parents and grandparents also.

What will Samuel Adams Center for Political Science (SACPS) do? Intro Presentation

SACPS is structured to present an educational format of Mentoring to Student Peer leaders in the Caulker’s Club through the use of live presentations, video presentations, text/written and audio materials.  Peer Leaders will challenge the fostering of  critical thinking and rhetoric, both written and in oral debate.  With core guidance from SACP regional coordinators in the arenas of Founders Intent for governance (see definition of political science):  Constitutional policy and 1st Amendment Rights, including religious freedom, will be further developed in the Caulker’s Club as well as through offered seminars and classes.

This is especially focussed for junior high through high school in preparation for college.

All aspects of SACPS will primarily focus on the original writings of or about Samuel Adams, his peers and Patriot associates and especially the First Principles that initially established the Colonies and formed them into a Constitutional Republic.