Meet Our Board

Hank Giesecke

Hank Giesecke is the founder and president of Reach out Ministries, which does educational training in a range of venues in America, Europe, and Africa. Hank’s background includes a BS & MS in Aerospace Engineering, an MBA in Finance and Organizational Development, and he is an ordained pastor. Hank worked on the Atlas missile system, the lunar mission, and military support missions for SE Asia. He served as worldwide Director of Investor Relations for the Greyhound Corporation, Manager of Financial Services for APS, and for the Titan Corporation on the Star Wars Program. He managed a legal book publishing company in California and has been a consultant to Arizona technology firms. He served for some years as the Assistant Director for the Creation Research Society.

Currently Hank brings his experience and background to equipping both adults and youth in the cultural battle that threatens the American way of life and the American exceptionalism that has benefitted people all over the globe. He shows that, contrary to the current cultural narrative, science confirms scripture in the origins of life and the universe, intelligent design, the age of the earth, Noah’s Flood, etc. He is a certified worldview instructor and presents the apologetics that demonstrate the truth within the Judeo-Christian worldview and the strategies for reaching out to those caught in other belief systems. Worldviews have consequences and it is vital people everywhere come to realize that and work for truth.

Hank speaks worldwide presenting the scientific evidences that support the creation model rather than evolution. This is crucial and foundational and one of the primary areas of need in the battle of worldviews. The attack on the Judeo-Christian worldview has based a lot of its success on discrediting scripture. Whether it is the secular humanist worldview so prevalent in Europe and now America or the rise of Islam, the real battle is the one for truth.


Tom Niewulis

Tom Niewulis is first and foremost a simple citizen circa 1804. He is also the President and CEO of NCDCS, Inc. Tom has over 30 years in business and organizational analysis, strategic planning, financial and organizational management. Tom has delivered business studies, technical studies and made presentations at industry conferences in the United States and Europe. He has been a member of the technical advisory boards for emerging companies as well as the Fortune 500. He is published internationally. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and The World Intellectual Property Organization.

Tom has been active in the political arena after serving in the military. While in the military he studied communism, surreptitious and indigenous actions and intervention. He has studied the founding of America since the mid 70’s with an emphasis on its cultural challenges as well as why and how the Constitution was developed. He has studied independently the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, Joseph Stories Commentaries, Blackstone, Locke, De Tocqueville, Madison’s Notes and the various states Ratifying Conventions; as well as original source writings of Samuel Adams and Sam’s contemporaries. In conjunction, these studies include the Reformation with an emphasis on the Scottish Reformation, Lex Rex, the Puritans and Covenant, the First Great Awakening and the Sermons the Founders heard preached.

Tom was the Chair of Constitutional Economics at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies founded by Cleon Skousen and Glenn Kimber. He was in leadership and on the board of directors for We The People Washington. He is a politial blogger and writer. He has also spoken on Agenda 21. He is the Author of “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists” with three other books in the works: “The Depth of Tyranny – As Predicted, the Anti-Federalist Got It Right”, “Liberty to Economy” and “Rethinking Property Rights Today.”

Tom encourages the re-education of the citizenry through seminars on the Constitution and other presentations. He is an Constitutional thinker from the Anti-Federalist perspective desiring to return to the Founders / Framers Constitutional Original Intent. Tom has additionally studied the life of Samuel Adams to the extent that he appears in character as this alter-ego.

Tom’s educational background is in physics, behavioral science and Masters work in organization development and design as well as telecommunication management.

Scott Andrews

An experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Consumer-centered Marketing, Enterprise Software, Retail, E-commerce, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital.

Scott brings the great value of marketing experience in a way that blends American Constitutionalism in a Republic to merchandising and manufacturing. His insights to what interest groups of people is exceptional. His ability to then communicate the solutions or products to those interests is what SACPS is looking to facilitate in developing future policy makers.