Bridging The Gap

What’s the gap?

Generational? Ideological? Historical? Economic? Cultural?

What we are finding:

Students are responding to our focus groups with: a gap can be almost anything where knowledge and understanding for application are not present.

How to bridge the gap or even close the gap is the challenge.

Students are again responding that developing peer leaders through mentorship allows for greater interaction and the facilitation of bringing the cross-section of these gaps closer when foundational principles are made relevant. Foundational Principles are time tested and hold to greater truisms then students have been allowed to believe. Bringing the knowledge of these truths to present problems show that foundational policies rest in the worldview of the person.

John Stormer wrote “People Are Policy.” When students realize that they can affect policy by understanding Foundational Principles and intended processes in governance: They can make a difference!

That is what our focus groups are telling us: Students want to believe that they can make a difference now and in the future.

The Samuel Adams Center for Political Science is committed to bringing foundational principle to the forefront so that students in High School to Grad School can know they can keep the Republic by real application of truths for good governance.

Looking for Students 

Looking for those students that are ready to have as Sam Adams wrote, “The brush fires of your minds ignited” for the development of Foundational Constitutional Policy.  Join the action in the ‘Caulkers Club‘ to be a Peer Leader and Mentored in Foundational Principles for Policy development in business and governance.

Looking for Supporters

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