The Caulkers Clubs

‘The Virtual Caulkers Club’ – update July 2017:  As the technology is further incorporated into this site, video will be the means by which ‘The Virtual Caulkers Club’ will allow members to interact across Counties and States.

The Caulkers Club has great historical significance in that it was the precursor to the American Caucus system in America.  The origin of this organization was shown to be established by Samuel Adams father Captain Samuel Adams. We are told by Sam Adam nephew in the “Life and Public Service of Samuel Adams Vol. 1” that the senior Adams was a leading member the Caulkers Club with ship builders in 1724.

The original purpose of the Caulker developed as a group “comprised of persons who met at each others houses, arranged the preliminaries of elections, discussed political matters, and prepared political political articles for the press.” 

How does this work for our present age? 

When Sam Adams became one of the leaders, these became public meeting with collaborative efforts.  The name changed to the Caucus Club which developed a greater influence in the community.

What happens in the “Caulkers Clubs”?

Through mentoring of peer leaders in Foundational Principles and Original Intent for good governance – these peer-to-peer leaders facilitate their knowledge and understanding of Original Intent with others in a manner that shows the solutions are consistent between the Founders Principles and Now – because in reality the issues are fundamentally the same.

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