Why Participate?

Why should student’s high school through grad-school participate in the ‘Caulkers Clubs’ through the Samuel Adams Center for Political Science (SACPS)?

Through focus groups with high school juniors and seniors as well as talking with college graduates, the ability to know that we all have the opportunity to influence policy is exciting. Instead of feeling like there is no hope in making change in governance, students have the capacity as citizens to influence the world around them. SACPS give you the tools to make a difference.

What is that difference and what is the baseline that ensures a future for those simple general truths or ‘maxims’ of – Life, Liberty and Property (pursuit of happiness)? The means to ensure these ‘maxims’ are held true to and preserved for future generations is in having not only knowledge of Foundational Principles but understanding on how they are put into action in the processes of life.

Yes, life is politics and policy!

You experience Politics at home, in your classrooms, your church, your job and life in general. How do you deal with each and are you a leader in those various places.

You are a Policy participant or maker now! When you are working on problem solving issues at home that affect the whole family, you are part of the policy making process. When parents determine what is best for the family on a whole, they make the policy and you live by it. If the policy, now rules, seem out of sort with you… do you appeal with reason or argue with nothing to substantiate your position. Yes, policy is in business and every aspect of life. It is often really shouts out when involved in governance.

So SACPS isn’t about old folks lecturing. Your comments have been heard! The way to give you the tools for political and policy leadership is through ‘Peer-to-Peer’ development in the Caulkers Clubs. This isn’t a free-for-all group session. The intent is to give you that contrast of what you have been hearing and what is truth from the Foundational Principles that develop good governance.

Peer Group Leaders are ‘the core’ to brining these rational truths into the Caulkers Clubs. Peer Group Leaders are mentored in Founders Truths and Original Intent so that the contrast to mixed modern-day messaging in ‘what is policy?’ ‘what is politics?’ and ‘what is America?’ can be seen in the design for Foundational Liberty and Prosperity.

For you – SACPS makes available the tools to understand ‘the politics’ and ‘policy making’ that are a real part of life; whether it is in family, business or governance.

Are you ready to be engaged in life’s political adventure and be a leader in policy making. Become a Peer Group Leader or join a Caulkers Club to gain the true inside tract to Foundational Principles for good governance.