Why Learn About Policy Development?

Simply, because you already are a policy maker and will continue to be one all of your life.

Policy is the outcome of problem solving.  As already noted, Policy is a part of life.  It really becomes real when we look at perspectives as noted in the post by the same title.  As you can see in that post, Brutus, is is Mr. Yates – a New York delegate to the Constitutional Convention, has some interesting insight of our present day regarding regulations and taxation.

There is much to learn from the Founders and Framers when it comes to the real intent for a ‘Land of Liberty’ within the context of the Rule of Law.

To learn more, ask the questions that are on your mind about what is happening in developing policy for local, state and national governance.  How and where do you fit and what part do you play in life policy making?

We are looking forward to your participation.